Thermal calculations online
U value, R value and thermal bridging (psi value)

Our services

With over 9 years of experience we specialize in U value calculations, thermal bridging (psi value) calculations and software development.

If you cannot find the solution you are looking for in one our free calculators we can offer:

- U value for plane elements (roofs, walls, floors, windows and doors) that require thermal simulations.

- Software tool to carry out U value calculations for a particular system type (not covered by our U value calculators)

- Specific constructions U values added to the examples library.

- Thermal bridging calculations for specific junction details.

- Software tool similar to our ground floor – external wall psi value calculator for any junction details.

- Any idea you could have about thermal simulations, software development and thermal bridging solutions.

For example:

If you are interested in a calculation covered by one of our free calculators, simply use them and ask any question. We are continuously improving the website and adding more software.

If you are an architect, designer or engineer interested in a particular U value, psi value or set of psi / U values we can offer individual reports for any particular situation.

You are a building material manufacturer and would like having materials represented in the U value calculator.

If you are an insulation manufacturer and would like to have the psi value for different junctions or a simulated U value, we can offer a piece of software (for example an Excel spreadsheet) to calculate the psi value or U value for different combinations without the need of thermal simulations each time.

If you are interested in this new approach to thermal modelling please contact us at